The Effect of Classroom Management on High School Academic Achievment

Research Problem The problem at hand is to determine whether or not classroom management can effect the academic achievement of high school students. Many factors may or may not play a role in this and will evaluate a teacher’s discipline, organization, and other factors that could be reflected on how the classroom is managed. This problem could be determined in various high schools across the United States to see what hurdles a teacher’s personal management of a classroom reflects on high school students’ academic achievement. The hypothesis of this problem as discussed in this research proposal would be that if a teacher’s classroom management will impact a student’s academic achievement. It may not reflect in all students but it will impact most students. Literature Review Classroom management is a critical role in education aside from curriculum itself. Teachers play many roles in the classroom but their primary role is that of classroom manager. If a poorly managed classroom is full of students that are disrespectful and disorderly, there is a lack of discipline from the teacher, then both students and teachers suffer (Marzano, Marzono &amp. Pickering, 2003). However, sound behavior management does not necessarily guarantee effective instruction but it does increase the foundation for an environment that makes for good instruction. Additionally, the teachers’ abilities to organize the classroom and discipline the students effectively, letting students know who is in charge will help to keep the classroom under control and the students are more apt to respect the teacher and learn from her guidance. This will then establish a much better…
This study investigate the effects of classroom management on high school students using an applied method of research in order to perform an evaluation. The purpose of this is proposal is to identify the previous research already performed by other educational professionals, discuss their findings and then use that information to develop an additional experiment required in order to perform the actual research in order to further support or disprove the theory that classroom management may or may not have an effect on students in a high school setting. Additional factors other than just classroom management may also impact a student’s achievements at school and achievement is crucial to the impact that each and every individual student will have on society and the way that their life will play out, having successful lives both in work and personally in the future. The importance is discovering the correlation, if there is one, that an implemented efficient classroom management series of methods can has on these students’ achievements and potentially lay the groundwork for the rest of their lives.
This report makes a conclusion that at various times throughout the research time frame, a series of tests should be given to each class at the exact time frame to see how they score academically. The test would be universal to all classrooms that were participating in the research. There should be at least three or four tests taken throughout the semester to measure the academic achievement of each student.