The Effect of the Affirmative action

I support affirmative action for it has proven most of the myths ton be wrong. That is, it is practically defending the powerless in the society and fight against corruption as well as injustices in the society. For instance, there is a myth that states that affirmative action has not managed to reduce gender discrimination that occurs at the workplace as well as color discrimination. Truly, affirmative action has led to reducing racial discrimination in various work places. Moreover, the racial discrimination has created numerous job opportunities for women as well as to the people with disabilities. That is, most organizations have laid down rules and regulations that defend persons with disabilities as well as women. Affirmative action has managed to educate women as well as persons with disabilities about their right as well as the position that they hold in the society. For instance, the research shows that with the implementation of affirmative action, there has been greater empowerment of women as well people with disabilities to participate economic development in various sectors of development.

However, there are various responses from the respondents to affirmative action. For instance, the question was to find out the effectiveness of affirmative action programs about minority and women for job employment in the workplace. In this research, the respondents who were in favor of the favor of affirmative action were 58 and those who were opposing the impact of affirmative action were 36.