The effective of outdoor advertsing using exmaple from the mobile phone indusrty



The study focuses on the types of advertising used in the country, its advantages and its restrictions. It will also look into the various communication theories on advertising presented by different communication scholars. Furthermore, it will give readers a good look of the current advertising industry and the future it may experience through careful analysis of relevant and reliable data. There are many definitions of advertising available in the business world. Definitions are certainly formed through expertise or experience of an individual or group. According to the New Lexicon Webster Dictionary, advertising is “used to draw attention, to promote sales, or to promote the product”. This is mainly the purpose of advertising, in the case of billboard advertisements for example, companies or products shown on the ads believe that placing the ad in the billboard will reach the people and will be able to communicate with them, thus, consequently drawing their attention or if it is effective, promoting sales. The current research shows that outdoor advertising in the mobile phone industry in the UK remains to be one of the strongest, if the not the strongest advertising media. This has been attested to by the respondents who gave the highest rating to this medium when triggered with other options such as television, radio, the internet, newspapers, direct mail, and magazines. It is also noteworthy to assert that the internet is fast becoming a popular medium that may influence the purchase decisions of mobile phone buyers.