The Effects of Different Disability Labels On Life

A child labeled with disability may face several drawbacks at the school. The child may receive special attention from the teacher, but the students studying with him may not mingle with that child.
This will create a sort of depression in that child’s mind which may gradually affect his performance. Labeling may help in some cases while it has negative effects in most of the situations. Disabled people are not treated like normal ones in the society. Labeling is done to differentiate the disabled from the normal. The major drawback is many do not understand that they are also human beings like others. Labeling may seem to be advantageous, but it has an emotional impact on disabled people. Labeling affects people’s self-esteem and they unintentionally convey a message that they are inferior thereby influencing others to look down at them and treat them in a different way. Labels are often used by professionals with the clear intent of understanding them
Descriptions of that kind create stereotypes which result in isolation. In spite of all these concerns, students are still being labeled for a variety of reasons. It is mainly because, people feel that such categorization is being widely used as it has more advantages than disadvantages. Labeling has another advantage in the sense that labeling helps to create groups known as special interest groups. One can obtain various information regarding a particular disability with the help of certain groups. Such groups are often referred to as support systems. These systems help the students by providing state level legislations and also to achieve federal funding.
Process of Labeling
The most important role is played by the language used by us while communicating with the disabled people. It reflects our character and the attitude towards them thus indicating how we conceive the importance of others in this planet. Words are the most powerful weapon. They can turn people on or off depending on the way they are used. If a person is often referred to as a lazy person, then that person may start trusting it and thus he may become that way thus proving the label to be true. On contrary, if one encourages the person by saying that he/she is very active, then the impact that it would have on them will be in a very positive way thereby making the person work towards becoming active.
The differences between the disabled and the normal people are far less than the similarities that exist between these two categories of people. For instance, many of us know that those who suffer from autism find difficulties in generalizing but even normal people find such difficulties as well. In general, labels serve as identifiers. When we go to a supermarket, the process of identifying the products becomes easy with the help of their labels. It helps us in the process of decision making by enabling us to identify the best out of the better products. This is very useful in case of purchasing the products but when the same approach is being used to categorize people into various sectors by labeling them, it affects those people both physically and mentally. The general human tendency is to