The Effects of Smoking

Smoking is considered as one of major health hazard in the modern world, but despite that many adults and young people find pleasure in smoking cigarettes. Some of the negative effects of smoking discussed in this essay are: deaths, diseases, myocardial infarction and sever diseases like larynx.
It is believed that every year hundreds and thousands of people die of major diseases associated with smoking. Modern research shows that smoking is one of the major causes of cancer. Smoking is also known to increase the level of nicotine in blood which many people consider to calm depressant behavior of people. However, what they do not know is the fact that this nicotine has various harmful effects on the body. There are many anatomical diseases related to the increased level of emotions. Smoking results in stunted and weak bones. It also leads to myocardial infarction among the smokers. This problem is not only common in old aged people, but this problem is also becoming more common in young people. It leads to heart attacks by lowering down the level of good cholesterol in human blood. It also makes blood arteries more rigid and hence leads to major heart diseases. In women also, smoking result in over and under production of certain hormones which results in severe chest pains and cardiovascular diseases.
A recent survey showed that smoking causes cancer in 85% of the total population of smokers. Most common amongst the types of cancers caused by smoking is lung cancer, but other types of cancers are also prevalent in the smokers. It damages the DNA in lungs and other parts of the body making it increasingly difficult to cure this perilous disease. It is also found that smokers suffer from leukemia, stomach cancers, bladders and fatal damage to kidneys and pancreas. A doctor report recently stated that almost 30% of the cervical cancers are associated with smoking. Smoking also increases the acid secretion resulting in various other problems such as ulcers. It is also found that people who smoke are susceptible to developing cataracts near eyes. Heavy smokers also develop wrinkles as they age and look older than nonsmokers. It is also believed that people who start smoking in their teens are more vulnerable from these diseases and are more likely to die of smoking.
There are a lot of other problems associated with smoking as well. Smoking impedes blood vessels and stops important nutrients from going to the skin. This results in various skin problems, to name a few, a very common problem that smokers face is psoriasis. It also leads to skin rashes and inflamed skin is also found to be present in women who smoke. Apart from that, smoking causes bad breath and great risk of injury and slower healing time. Smoking also inhibits the physical ability of a person and it is found that those people who smoke are less athletic and less active than non-smokers.
In the light of above discussion, it can be safely concluded that smoking is a menace and its costs exceed its benefits, making it an irrational choice for anyone to smoke.
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