The Electronic Commerce Systems and Elevator Pitch

Clients shop were and what they like most. In addition, consumers receive regular updates about products and services from websites that guides informed decision-making about purchases. The business model also enhances profit margins through direct selling to other customers. In this regards, customer to customer trading entails low transaction costs. Thus, the entrepreneurs save associated costs such as renting shops, distribution, and storage of the products. Finally, the business system enables direct contact with the sellers and customers and limits intermediaries. Therefore, it ensures high service delivery and product quality (Manzoor, 2010).
Internet-based selling is equally risky. It is vulnerable to hacking, substandard qualities, and payment challenges. Since parties do not meet or have a formal arrangement, the approach has no guarantee for payment of goods or services. Besides, it is vulnerable to Internet security concerns since scammers might create similar websites to con potential buyers. Finally, e-commerce lacks a mechanism for assessing the quality standards of the products. Hence, buyers might get poor quality goods (Manzoor, 2010).
Q.2 Elevator pitch
I value teamwork, innovation, and individual development. I studied the supervision and management course. Therefore, I have practical management skills to enable a sustainable organization. My primary strength is the ability to apply leadership through people’s skills. Thus, intend to foster close working relationships, integrate workplace generations such as recruiting, motivating, and retaining staffs.&nbsp.