The Elements and the Faces of Oppression

I have learned that oppression can be seen as a social concept and as a structural concept. According to the article by Young (1990), oppression is a structural phenomenon that "immobilizes or diminishes a group" and structurally, oppression is "the tyranny by a ruling group." It is a description that has long been used through the centuries of pains and struggle of people from different kinds of bondage. However and whoever defines the term to me oppression has been witnessed to be a very powerful tool that can really be utilized by those who are in control to preserve the present structure of the society. It is used as a weapon by the ruling class to stay in their power and control not only the political affairs but most especially the economy of the country.
This means that in this society, the struggle for more power and greed of money has turned many individuals as oppressors of other men. This society has shaped men only into two kinds: the predator and the prey. The predator oppresses and eats the weaker men and the prey is eaten and devoured by the more cunning oppressors.
I have read from the article of Young that there are five faces of oppression: (1) exploitation of labor. (2) gender exploitation were women are treated less powerful than men. (3) racial exploitation where cultural groups are not given the same rights and privileges. (4) marginalization where a social group are deprived to participate in a social life. and (5) cultural imperialism which is describes as involving " the universalization of a dominant group’s experience and culture and its establishment as the norm."
We can recall what we have learned in our history and looked at the plight of the Africans who were victimized of the Trans-Atlantic Slavery. The experiences of this social group do not speak only of one face of oppression but they have suffered the five faces of oppression. The Africans were sold to be slaves of wealthy men and nations.