The Employmentatwill Doctrine

&nbsp.In the current situation, this concept is obsolete and individuals are more focused upon the applicable use of legal documents that safeguard the interest of individuals.

Do you think the exceptions to this doctrine should become the norm?

The doctrine states three concepts public-policy exception, implied-contract exception, and covenant-of-good-faith exception. These three concepts were observed by the courts of law but none of the three conditions have any clear guidelines about the employment. The standard framework for the relationship is missing and these concepts can not be the norms. For the norms to be clear and precise, the well-developed framework is necessary. The right of the contract is absent in the concepts which might generate a whole lot of issues in the future (Muhl, “The employment-at-will doctrine: three major exceptions”).

What interest does the employer have in all of these?

From the various concepts, it is noted that an employer is always in a beneficial stage as the employer has the full right in employment-at-will to terminate or not to with reasons or without reasons at any point of time. Personal influences or decisions are not subject to any rules or regulations.&nbsp.&nbsp.