The Expression Opposites Attract

Despite the fact that some people strongly believe that opposites attract, personality differences can act as serious obstacles to the development and continuation of a love or friendship relationship between two people.
There is no doubt that relationships which are perceived by either party as boring are very likely to end. Accordingly, it is safe to assume that, to a certain extent at least, successful friendships and love relationships are formed by individuals who are somewhat different in personality. Were two people exactly alike, their relationship is bound to be characterized by a degree of monotony which can very easily give rise to boredom. When monotony and boredom enter into a relationship, the chances of its lasting are significantly reduced. Based upon this particular perspective, a certain degree of contrast between personalities seems to be the key to lasting friendship and love relationships. Quite simply stated, personality contrasts will significantly reduce the chances of the relationship becoming monotonous, therefore boring. The contrast between personalities adds a degree of excitement to a relationship as differences may often incite the couple in question to occasionally act out of character and, thus, offset the possibilities for the development of monotony.
Even though a degree of contrast between personalities can positively contribute to the success of a friendship or love relationship, this only relates to manageable differences as compared to significant ones. Manageable differences refer to personality contrasts which are not overstated. They may include, for example, one party’s tendency towards seriousness and the other’s tendency towards humor. Differences such as this are, in essence, manageable and will not act as an obstacle to the relationship’s success. In comparison, however, there are a host of stark and unmanageable personality differences which can, not only act as an obstacle to the success of a relationship but can, in essence, destroy it.
Among the personality differences which can destroy a relationship, most especially a love relation, is the social attitude. Some people are, by nature, introverted and prefer intimate, familiar and small social settings than large and boisterous ones. This could be because they are either innately shy or because they simply do not like, and cannot tolerate, large and noisy social settings, on the one hand, and are not interested in meeting new people, on the other. In direct comparison, some people are extremely extroverted by nature and are at their element in large social settings where they have the attention of others. Highly social people who enjoy entertaining others and like to be the center of attention, genuinely enjoy meeting new people and having a full and active social life.&nbsp.