The Failure of CocaCola Blak



It is evidently clear from the discussion that in the idea of products, the mind of the potential buyer is very important because it determines whether the consumer will buy it or not. The coca cola company chose to use to use iconic glass bottles in packaging this drink and topped it with some plastic cap which is not professional in marketing and promotion of a new product it needs to be packaged well in a way that it is pleasing to the customers from afar. In terms of place, the good was readily available though it could be distributed better by the leading supermarkets in the US. In promotion, this would involve creativity and imagination in order that the information about the product would be where other competitors’ information does not reach, though we find that the internet advertising is slowly replacing the traditional ways of promotion. The coca-cola company did not put this into consideration and no wonder the massive failure. The bottle also comes in a tightly wrapped plastic sleeve that did not allow the customers to see what was packaged inside unless the consumer poured a bit of it in some glass. Also, the drink was more of Dark Brown in color whereas the name suggested more of black in color. The name should give more details of the product. It was billed as carbonated fusion beverage which means that it is a fusion of coke and coffee though this is not mentioned anywhere in the packaging only shown in the ingredients list as almost the last and indicating coffee extracts. When the coca-cola company announced the launch of it in 2006, there was nothing in the search in support of the announcement and there was nothing in their website to support the product. The big brands should always take into consideration that the internet and the websites go a long way in marketing their new products because it helps to capture some buzz usually created by those huge announcements. In pricing, this company had failed because it was relatively expensive. Consumers will always choose to buy the cheaper goods in the market if the two goods will add the same value to their lives. In marketing this product, the market research would have been very important in knowing the companies that they would partner with in order to market the new product better. The promotions too were not to standard and the product would have or would do better if the marketing and promotion part did its work very well. The product was also a bit expensive considering that it was a new product on the market. It was also more expensive than what most people expected of the product. Coca-cola Blak is full of artificial sweeteners and so it does not have the gritty, sticky mouthfeel and it is not so much caloric. It gave a toffee scent on opening. It also gives a lightheaded, detached feeling. This drink was certainly unique and tasty. If it is marketed in the best way it would do very well in the market. The packaging of the soft drink should also be changed in order that it would be appealing to the consumer. In the business, for the product to have lived on and if it comes back to the market the company should ensure a very good mix of the very right product that the consumers need, the coffee being sold at the very right and convenient price and in the most convenient place and use the best efficient and suitable promotion strategy.