The Fall of The House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

It is shown in the characterization of Roderick, symbolism of the house, and first person point of view.b. The ventral striatum is a section of the brain that is mostly associated with rewards. Furthermore, this section of the brain is vital to learning processes. This part of the brain is largely stimulated by love and affection for close friends and relatives. Human brains subjected to lonely environment display less activity in this region when shown or told interesting things or stories respectively. They lack interest and do not enjoy these moments instead get distracted by other things.c. According to Poe, the narrator tries to cheer up Roderick Usher by reading him a medieval romance story. The narrator says, I will read and you listen. He loudly reads Mad Trist by Sir Lancelot Canning. As he reads, he gets distracted by unnecessary noise from Usher. Roderick is not interested in the story and is fantasizing and muttering to himself.d. Through this scene, readers learn of the detrimental effects of loneliness to Usher’s mind. Usher, who once loved and enjoyed romantic stories and books, does not show any interest in the narrator’s story. He does not find the story interesting because of his brain condition. His brain condition is as a result of social isolation and loneliness. Additionally, his habit of staying indoors with her sister Medline has led to the activation of Ventrium Striatum. Due to activation of this hormone, Usher’s interest and love for various things disappeared. As a result, he prefers to do other things that are not interesting to ordinary human beings. Consequently, people should look for friends to enjoy life and the existing impressive things. Having enough friends and company that engages the brain on a daily basis leads to avoidance of such peculiar medical conditions. The brain remains healthy and functional.c. Poe validates