The Family dynamic has impact on child development

It is my theory that the family dynamic does affect child development and the factors that affect the family dynamic the most are financial security of a family, birth order, family structure, parental involvement and parental employment. These factors all seem to play a major role in Child development.FINANCIAL SECURITY: The first article that will be examined is the Canadian Council on Learning (2007) Report on the State of Early Childhood Learning and pertains to family income and how it impacts the family dynamic amp. childhood learning. Income is not as important as is developing countries a significant discrepancy was demonstrated in this study. Firstly in a study, 19% of children from low-income families were considered to have delayed (Academic) development compared to 14% of other children. Moreover the paper also demonstrated that 28% of young learners from low-income families demonstrated delayed development in Number Knowledge Assessment as opposed to 14% of other (Non-low income) families. Although this study mainly focused on the effect of poverty on young families and what this poverty would mean for young learners probably the most important point that was excluded is the current economic climate of North America. This article was published in 2007 when the economy was performing much better than it is right now and ultimately one could postulate that the declining economic condition in the global economy means that more and more young learners are going to be negatively affected and ultimately we may see sliding results on number knowledge assessment and delayed (academic) development.BIRTH ORDER: The next main article that will be covered is Vercilo’s (2010) article which postulated that birth order affects the characteristics and physiological development of Children. Ultimately there are three schools of though on this mater insofar as some psychologist believe that birth order has no effect, modest effect or a great deal of effect on a