The Fashionistas Guide to Japanese Fashion Tribes



The essay "The Fashionistas Guide to Japanese Fashion Tribes" analyzes the Fashion Tribes in Japan. During 19th century Japan started to emulate Western fashion. The fashion market of Japan maintains its position as one f the largest across the globe and has always been changing its trends which has even given birth to street fashion by Japanese girls that indicates mixing every fashion style possible so as to give a customized look. The aspect of sales and promotion has been always a primary concern for the fashion industry of Japan. May that be through fashion parades, street fashion style, Fashionistas magazine or any other form of promotional technique Japanese teenagers have always been associated with the fashion statement of Japan. Japan in the present scenario comprises of wide array of styles of dresses that includes both the foreign as well as local labels. In certain regions that of Tokyo the hip hop style was very strongly imitated by the youth of Tokyo and they preferred to wear hip hop style dresses to the over sized clothes. One of the major styles that are still prevalent in the Japan fashion market is that of street fashion that can advertised by many young generation girls on magazines or even on fashion parades as it denotes to be more trendy and fashionable (Kaser, 2012). There are various fashion theories however the acceptance of a fashion by a market segment can be well depicted through a fashion cycle. There are various phases of the fashion cycle such as introduction.