The feasibility of producing frozen foods for export in Thailand

Additionally, a similar analysis will be conducted for the four foreign countries. If economic conditions in these countries are feasible for foreign export, then the project is also feasible. Lastly, this research aims at proposing the best international business management tactics in those respective countries.
Thailand is a country located in the Eastern part of the Asian Continent. The country has a lot of potential in its food industry because agriculture is one of the mainstays of the Thailand economy. Currently, the industry is dominated by the sale of fresh foods both within the country and also as exports.
Very little has been done in the development of the ready- to – eat/ frozen foods section of the industry yet that country has more than enough resources and raw materials to start development in this line of business. Besides, there is a ready market in the country and outside for the products. Some of the countries that could be potential markets for frozen food from Thailand include the US, UK, China and Japan.1
The research topic deals with the introduction of frozen foods from Thailand into foreign markets. …
Therefore, there is a need for one to examine the feasibility of such a venture. This is because before one penetrates into a certain market there are a number of factors that need to be examined to ensure that the venture will be a success.
Economic policies within the country of origin must be examined to certify that they favour the exportation of certain commodities. This ought to be examined against the backdrop of that country’s economy. A researcher should examine how the Thailand economy is and what level of industrial growth has the country achieved. On top of that, one should ascertain that the country will be able to produce quality frozen foods and that it will be able to sustain that level of production. Some of the factors that could act as a deterrent to the success of exported products include.
low purchasing power
high wage costs
poor climatic conditions
availability of raw materials
availability of product alternatives2
Therefore, the research should ascertain that these factors are not present in Thailand before it can give a go ahead to the production of frozen foods in the area.
There is also need for research in this area because one needs to asses whether there is a ready market for the goods that will be produced by Thailand. In the process of examining this, one should look at consumer behaviour in target countries like the US and China and find out whether there will be a positive attitude towards goods from Thailand. In addition, the export potential of the product should also be assessed. Export market potential is the ability of a product to sell in foreign countries. This is normally assessed by analysing performance in the country of origin.
Beside these,