The Great American Novel Moby Dick Three Reasons of its Greatness

This essay discusses that Melville’s “Moby Dick” the greatest American novel is the novel’s mythic delineation. Ahab’s voyage in the sea to take revenge on Moby Dick in its essence is a mythic journey. The narrator’s description of the whale takes him to a mighty position of a mythic monster and Ahab’s challenge to take revenge on it turns him into an epic hero. The following lines show the best how the narrator’s description takes the whale to a mythic height: “The White Whale swam before him…to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds".
In conclusion, specificity and magnificent prose style also has contributed to the status of the novel as the greatest American novel. With romantic integrity, Melville has portrayed the whaling industry with all of its specific details. While remaining within the space-time specificity of the whaling industry, Melville has eschewed all the possibilities of upholding his characters in a lofty position. A one-legged monomaniac Captain Ahab may not be embraced as a lofty character by the readers. But Melville’s magnificent prose style and symbolic characterization compel the readers to think that Ahab is lofty in his will and determination. Indeed Melville’s prose style is scintillating, effervescent, gripping and evoking. A blend of historical, religious and arcane suggestiveness makes his prose laden with an urge that compels the readers to look beneath the facade of perception into the true visage of reality.