The Hazardous Storm of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest as well as single of the five deadliest storms in the past of the United States. It was the sixth strongest Atlantic storm ever documentation and the third-strongest hurricane on evidence that through land descend in the United States. Katrina shaped on August 23 through the 2005 Atlantic hurricane period as well as caused destruction along a large amount of the north-central Gulf Coast. The mainly severe failure of life and assets damage come about in New Orleans which inundated as the levee system calamitously failed in numerous cases hours subsequent to the storm had stimulated inland. The storm causes ruthless harm across the intact Mississippi coast as well as into Alabama, in fact, the storm is probably to have been accountable for $81.2 billion in scratch making it the costliest to be a probable tragedy in U.S. history. The disastrous collapse of the deluge fortification in New Orleans provoked instantaneous assessment of the Army Corps of Engineers which has by congressional mandate sole responsibility for design and construction of the flood protection. There was also widespread criticism of the federal situation as well as local administration retort to the hurricane which resulted in exploration by the U.S. Congress and the acceptance of Federal Emergency Management Agency manager Michael D. Brown. On the other hand, the National Hurricane Center along with National Weather Service was extensively commended for precise forecasts moreover abundant lead point (Wikipedia, 2008).
In Addition, Media descriptions of impoverished flood sufferers in New Orleans in the happening of Hurricane Katrina produced the impression and thought of an indifferent federal government. An opponent, as expected, took endeavor at the mayor, the Louisiana governor, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the President. Some also disapproved of the department of protection seeing that if it had unsuccessful to provide the speedy, sudden and enormous compassionate reprieve which the American citizens had drawn&nbsp.closer to expect after an ordinary tragedy.