The Health Condition of the Ageing Generation

AARP came up to advocate for changes in the health sector in order to improve the health condition of the aging generation. AARP is a lobby group that released a report in 2009 stating that patients experience a lack of coordination from health providers, specifically by receiving repeat tests and procedures, unnecessary hospitalizations, and difficult transition from hospitals to homes (Whyte, 2012). AARP is a lobby group that wants the elderly to move away from the traditional ‘doctor/patient ‘roles. The group wants its members to embrace their own involvement in health care and in exploiting alternative medical options (Kazbare,Van amp. Eskildsen, 2010). The group combines with the consumerism movement to empower its members. In addition, the group exercises control in requesting second opinions from doctors and alternative treatment methods in health care decisions (Halfmann, 2011). There is the issue of over-medicalization of aging. AARP always addresses this question: (i) at what point as people as age do, we become accepting of aging and stop rushing to a physician all of the time? (ii) How do people decide whether to fix a problem if it has more to do with later years of life than with a traditional medical ailment? And (iii) Can people depend on their physicians to clearly tell them when a medical problem is as easily addressed by physical therapy as by a surgical procedure of some type- especially when there are low-tech ways to improve the situation (Rasmussen, 2014). According to AARP, old people must consider the above question. The group argues that the medicalization of aging potentially exposes seniors to more and more risks without really solving the problems. AARP is a lobby group that addresses the challenges in the health sector, especially the issue of staffing. The group does not justadvocate for an increase in the number of clinicians but also wants health care professionals to be better prepared to care for people with multiple chronic conditions in all settings.