The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

500 BOOK REPORT OF ‘THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER’ The focal point of this paper is to provide an analytical outline of the novel ‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’ by Carson McCullers. This 359 page book is a wonderful text that is written with overwhelming sweep where the characters are engraved in such a manner that they are able to haunt the memory of the readers with their intricacy. This profound humane southern fiction handles a Negro character as well as a white character and renders justice to both with the same ease. It could be mentioned that this approach is unique and the author can be termed as a pioneering advance towards racial equality. This was the first novel by the author and it was written at the age of twenty three and was first published in 1940 by Houghton Mifflin.
The novel is about John Singer who is deaf and mute. The text starts with a line that immediately narrates the fundamental situation of the story by mentioning that "in the town there were two mutes, and they were always together". (McCullers, 1) Thus John Singer becomes intimate with the shady characters of a mill town of Georgia during the early 1930s. The story develops around these characters who try to break free out of these limited resources of the small town. At this point a friend of John Singer, who is also a mute, becomes insane and as a result of this John Singer moves to a new place to stay. This new residence is Kelly house. Here he becomes familiar with Mick Kelly. This character can be identified as the heroine of the novel and is instrumental in rendering solace to John Singer with her musical abilities. Here John Singer finds the meaning of life as he approaches towards the world of music.
It can be well mentioned in this context that the novel incorporates a vivid underline of spiritual isolation and it is crafted in a wonderful manner. The prevailing tension related to racial conflicts in the South was handled with much care and human conditions of the era have been depicted with true spirit. This is story that provides voice to the down trodden and the rejected. Thus the mistreated community of the area is treated with much affection where this forgotten population finds a say of their own. It should be remembered in this context that the approach of Mick Kelly is basically a very personal character to the point of being introvert but is very much active while influencing a deeply delicate search for exquisiteness of the mind.
This example of 1931-1940 American literature is enumerated as a classic work of fiction of the southern literature and could be termed as a text that really comes of age. It could well be mentioned that the author Carson McCullers is at her endearing and compassionate best with her first novel ‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’. It could also be said that this book is highly recommended for anybody who is willing share a compassionate mind with the author.
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