The Honors College is described as a community of scholars that enrich the educational experience and allow facultystudents of all disciplines to interact in t

Personal ment The many experiences I have had during my high school education have come to represent a period of metamorphosis for me, in which I underwent tremendous personal growth and development. I truly discovered my personal identity and ultimately discovered my passion, desiring that my future be in the field of medicine. Medicine is the art of healing and I believe I can make a significant contribution to the field.
Although I experimented with a wide variety of subjects in high school, it soon became apparent that the natural sciences were the ideal subjects for me. An innate understanding of these subjects seemed to come naturally, therefore I excelled in these courses and exhibited the strongest performance in biology, physics, and chemistry classes. As I studied further and entered the mini-medical school program my high school provided, I discovered how I could become empowered with the practical knowledge I would need to become an effective agent of positive change in my community by using my innate abilities combined with what I had learned in class. My uncle is a physician, and both of my parents are MRI technologists, therefore, medicine and the natural sciences is an obvious progression for me to continue on the family legacy.
Although I am on the honor roll, in the National Honor Society, the Math Honor Society, have taken several honors and advance placement classes, am a member of the Math Team, and am a Student Ambassador, I am also interested in other less academic endeavors. These include such things as football, wrestling, the Science-Outdoor Club, and the Chess Club. I also thoroughly enjoy the art of debate and am on the school Debate Team.
With my education, I hope to work for a medical organization or hospital that is committed to social justice and a sense of community. I believe I would excel in this field and would find this type of work fascinating, not only due to my family’s medical profession history, but because I have always possessed a strong passion for helping others, which ultimately drove me in the direction of medicine.
I decided to apply specifically to the Honors College and the GPPA Program because I am driven to succeed as a college student, and subsequently a medical scholar. I am confident that continuing my studies in this manner will equip me with the knowledge and skills I need in order to realize my goal of becoming a successful, compassionate physician.
The collection of experiences I have gathered during my high school education and in my personal life, have transformed me and brought me to the place I am today. I am an intellectually curious and ambitious individual, who is committed to the intense process of learning. Studying medicine would not only be a natural progression of my interests and abilities, but also allow me to exercise what is now my commitment to lifelong learning.