The Identification of Clear Objectives as Being the Most Important Success Criteria in the Undertaking of Research Projects

The undertaking and successful completion&nbsp.require proper planning and prior preparation. In the same way, the successful undertaking of any research project requires the prior identification of the research aims and objectives. Defining the nature of the project requires that one clearly selects the ideas making up the project. This process involves having clearly defined goals and objectives as well as evaluating all possible risks (…..). Objectives, in any given study, act as the main framework for the entire research (Nwane, 2005).
A research project is an assignment that is systematically undertaken to study a specific topic in depth to increase knowledge. New projects and innovations are in return made knowledge obtained from research. The main objective of the research is to establish facts and come up with feasible means to handle projects that yield positive results. The effectiveness of a project is dependent on the results obtained from the research (Straits &amp. Singleton, 1993). Another objective of research projects is to build upon the confidence of project evaluators on the project being handled by enhancing correctness and ensuring that the project being handled is correspondent to the requirements of the project (Scruggs &amp. Mastropieri, 2006).
Research projects are bound to attaining certain objectives or goals by the end of the project. A project objective can be defined as a brief description of what should be achieved by the end. To ensure correctness in the research being undertaken there needs to be correctly laid procedures and identification of the project’s objectives. The objectives of a research project summarize what is required to be achieved by the end of the research being undertaken (Kothari, 2009).
The general objective of research projects identifies what researchers expect to achieve by the end.&nbsp.&nbsp.