The Ideology and Motivation behind Terrorist Attacks of Al Qaeda and Hamas

There will be clear comprehension as to what drives these groups, and since both of them are Middle Eastern in origin the research will point out that religion and culture are the two main ideologies that drive them to terrorist activities. The conclusion shows that since these people that partake in terrorist activities within these groups have adapted to this way of life there is no real way to change their mindsets and therefore it is an adverse sociological issue that will continue for years to come.

Hamas and Al Qaeda view the justification for terrorism as stemming from their origin and the use of Jihad and conflict to resolve disputes. Nevertheless, other countries view the idea of conflict as being something irresolvable, despite how complex or trivial it might be if terrorist activities are the strategies being utilized to minimize it (Farah 2003). Nevertheless, in much of the Middle Eastern land, it is moral in Islamic religion to use the strategy of suicide bombing or mass killing of people to gain control and understanding of other people. As for non-Muslims, there is no motive for terrorism that is justified. Problems can be resolved between people or nations through negotiation.

In the process of negotiation, no party should aim to be a winner. otherwise, the aim of the negotiation will be defeated. There is no motive or morality in terrorizing people for whatever reason, in the minds of non-Muslims, in order to simply gain their approval. However, this is where Hamas and Al Qaeda groups differ from other groups in the Middle East. A good example of what instigates violence and terrorist activity in these groups’ minds is with issues such as the widely reported Danish cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, which caused immense damage to people and properties around the world as the Muslims used the opportunity to attack non-Muslim interest throughout the globe following this occurrence.&nbsp. &nbsp.