The Impact of Employee Motivation on Bonds Organizational Performance

This research paper is divided into five parts. In the 1st part, the topic of the research paper is introduced and along with that the reasons for conducting the report is mentioned. In the second part views of various authors are highlighted. The methodology of the paper has been reviewed here. The importance of the research method has been addressed in the paper (Daniels, 2006). The purposes of this report have been clearly highlighted in this research paper. Various causes for employee motivation have been focused properly in this research paper. The researchers have used some theories by which they supported the purpose of the researcher paper (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004). Employee motivation has a strong relationship with organizational performance. As per the purposes of the research paper, the detailed analysis of the topic has been done. The organization considers its employees as its important part. Therefore with the help of this study, the researchers efficiently focus on the relationship of organizational members within the company (Harzing and Pinnington, 2011). The research questions which were used by the researchers are very clearly explained in this paper. The questions highlight the impact of employee motivation on organizational performance. The main purpose of the research question is clearly stated in the paper. For making the research question proper and clear the researchers have broken the research questions into various parts (Gold and Holden, 2013). With the help of those research questions, the researchers were able to analyze the topic in an effective way. In the entire research question, the researchers have highlighted the topic they have considered or incorporated within the research paper. Various sources are provided by them for supporting their work. Through this process, they facilitated the readers in understanding the purpose and the concept of the research. Along with the research question the researchers have mentioned their research hypotheses.