The Impact of Information Technologies on Business Process

Although some disadvantages are accomplished with those, the significance &amp. usefulness of Information technology &amp. system cannot be avoided in the reengineering process.
Our discussion begins with a popular concern today relating the necessity or adversity of information technology &amp. information system in today’s business reengineering process. We already know that in today’s complex business context Information technology &amp. system are used to improve the quality of products, services or overall organizational performance. Thus, once an organization makes a decision to enhance the quality of products &amp. services, it must then decide how to implement them. This approach of managing quality is TQM or Total Quality Management. Thus, our further discussion will show the impact of IT &amp. IS in the business reengineering process while the firm’s main concentration goes to improving its product’s performance.

Before going forth to the argument of positive &amp. negative impact of Information technology &amp. Information system on reengineering process, we should have a clear concept of the key issues those are essential to make a value judgment over the topics. Our given concern has several important issues like Information Technology (IT), Information System (IS), and Business Process Reengineering Project &amp. consequently all those issues turn to the destination of achieving the high quality of the company’s product.

Information is data presented in the way or form that has meaning that means, it has a meaning to the manager &amp. provides a basis for action. So Information technology or IT refers to the resources used by the organization to manage information that it needs in order to carry out its mission. IT may consist of computers, computer networks, and telephones. fax machines &amp. other pieces of hardware. IT involves software that facilitates the system’s ability to manage information in a way that is useful for the organization. Using this system, the company can identify how a given product or product line is selling in a number of stores over any meaningful period of time.