The Impact of Recent Technology In Breast Cancer

From the discussion it is clear that&nbsp.there are numerous causes of breast cancer, however, radiation and Heredity are the two well-known causes of breast cancer.&nbsp. Heredity described as the transmission of traits from parents to offspring through genes. According to Judith 2002, five to ten percent of breast cancer cases are caused by being born with damaged or mutated breast cancer genes. An individual’s characteristic is determined by his or her genes. The breast cancer genes Breast Cancer 1 (BRCA 1) as well as Breast Cancer 2 (BRCA 2) are expected to prevent the growth of a tumor.&nbsp.
As the paper declares&nbsp.exposure to high amounts of electrically charging, or ionizing, radiation as been proven to amplify cancer risk. Scientists too believe that people’s diet, the environment, and estrogen, might have something to do with breast cancer.&nbsp. Estrogen makes the number of cells inside the breasts increase during menstruation. Moreover, estrogen may fuel breast cancer cells’ growth. A high-fat diet can contribute to breast cancer through the levels of estrogen inside the body.&nbsp.The ribonucleic acid transcripts’ identity which structure these populations as well as the number of these transcripts inside the cell offer information in relation to the overall activity of genes that create them.&nbsp.
Investigators have come up with strategies to gene expression study that has brought about significant advances in how people understand the basic biology.