The Impact of Sports on Politics and Cultural Representation

Likewise, sports have increasingly incorporated elements of politics and nationalism, depending on the public sphere in which they represent. This can be effectively elucidated by the move by the Sri Lankan theatres to adopt a play that stages in the form of cricket. In this case, cricket is a significant element of the Sri Lankan public sphere. The same case applies for various forms of public spheres across the regions of the globe. The eventuality of these has been that the growing relationship between cultural elements, sports and, and national politics. In turn, even the spectators to all these bring themselves out as the subjects of the nations. In close reference to UK, the subjects of concern have pertained to the question of culture and politics, in relation to sports. In the UK, sports are viewed as an area where everyone can venture and succeed. hence, may be referred to as the source of unity. However, upon close examinations, the UK sports are also a form of divisiveness, as well as exclusion. This is what may have sparked irrational fears, especially from the neighboring nations with groups with similar orient. Some sports have been associated with elite groups, especially those by the Anglo-non-indigenous groups. In other cases, some sports have spectatorship to certain sports have either been dismissed on the account of feminism, such as belonging to men or women hence, delimiting the interests. As such, this has tended to exclude the indigenous groups, who also view such sports as pure legacies of colonialism. Whether it would ever be possible for spectators to cheer sport teams on the virtue based on how they are organized, rather than as a nation is an issue subject to debate. Sport is presented as a symbol of cultural orientation, political empowerment, economic empowerment and nationalism, and the spectators are drawn to act as nationalists. However, not all have supported this view. This has been in consideration to the fact that a there is general lacking understanding of the link between sports, politics and cultural orientation. Moreover, the sense of nationalism is increasingly being diluted by the immigration and establishment of Diasporas, as facilitated by the trending wave of globalization. The proposed research project shall discus the impacts of sports on cultural orientation and politics. Objective/Purpose of the Study The key aim of this study is to establish the link between sports, politics and cultural orientation. This way the proposed study shall seek to establish the impacts of sports on politics and cultural orientation. Research Questions The following research questions shall be considered: What are the effects of sports on the identity politics? What are the impacts of sports on different cultures? Does politics influence on the way politics of any given country play out and how closely related are they? Do the histories of politics, culture and sports have any link? Significance of the Study Successful completion of this research work will come with a lot of significance to a lot of people, especially the politicians, those affected by culture, as well as the sportsmen. First, data, results and conclusions from this research shall serve as updated literature on politicians and sportsmen within the population size targeted for this research work. To a large extent, this research shall help in coming out with new models on the type or kind of challenges sportsmen go through as they try to overcome