The Impact of Women Teachers on Girls Education

The cause and effect theory is given significance by the writer as women teachers in the schools will help in projecting a safe and secure environment for the girls in the schools.
The high quality of education and mutual respect amid the genders will be improved and nurtured from the childhood. In accordance with the data from UNESCO, it is observed that countries with 20% women teachers have less number of girls’ education (Kirk, 2008). The writer argues that increase in the women teachers will give rise to better policies and security for women from the society. The link amid women teachers and girls’ education is strong due to the presence of the conservative society where the certain families might not want their girls to be taught by men. With the increase in the retention rate, the female perspective will be valued and advocated, increasing the opportunity and safety of women through education.
The article explores the cause and effect theory of appointing women teachers which might lead to the increase in female education in schools. The gender equality concept will be majorly followed by the schools with the increase in the women teachers.
The research conducted in this article is qualitative in nature and also ethnographic as the cultural values are also taken into consideration when evaluating the impact of girl’s education. Various literature reviews and cultural dimensions were taken into consideration while exploring girl’s education and the position of women in the society in a number of Asian and African countries.
The main issue faced by the article is that it is based on the individual ability of the researchers as it is qualitative in nature. The methods used can at times be biased as they depend on the discretion of the researchers.&nbsp.