The Impact on British Society of the Second Feminism Wave

Second Wave Feminism in Britain was a slightly different story altogether as it was more kaleidoscopic in nature, with heavy undertones of the working-class socialism, which was apparent from the strike of women workers at the Ford Car Plant with the demands of equality in wages(1968).In essence, British Society was going through a profound change in which women raised the slogan of "the personal is political’.
Second Wave feminism did not just strive to obtain the social freedoms for women but it also expressed its concern for the way in which women were treated in a second rate way within the notions and concepts of reproduction, sexuality, and cultural ties.
The second wave feminist movement not only gave a fresh impetus to feminist thought within the British Academic system but also had a resultant effect on the media and literature. The intellectual work carried out during this period of what I would like the call "the new wave women’s renaissance", affected popular thought and culture and brought forth to the intellectual agenda a range of issues formerly ignored.
It has been argued by many academics (Penner, 2002) that these developments were very slow to reach the Female educational agendas in schools which is surprising because on the face of it many of the political and analytical issues raised by the women’s movement had centrally to do with women’s legal and civic status. This process as compared to the US started rather late in the British Society. Penner notes thus