The Implementation of the Customer Relationship Process within Huanghe Technology

Secondly, it is assumed that the company will be willing to invest in the technical development of the information systems. Huanghe Technologyhas been receiving a number of complaints from the customers relating issues relating to the equipment not working from SOHO customers and also a number of calls being lost between the call center and the sales teams. Also, the SOHO customers have faced a lack of technical support from the company. The company is currently being run in three separate parts which are each managed by different people and all act independently as separate units and with different operations culture. The main issue of the business clearly is a lack of integration among the three parts of the business. Here due to the lack of integration, the impact has been on the customers and the service provided to the customers. The Project Initiation document provides a clear view of the direction of the project as well as a clear view of the roles of the various individuals in the project. This helps in developing a strong and firm foundation for the proposal before the company can make any further commitments on the project. It also helps provide the users and interested parties with a clear and detailed view of what the project is about and also how the project will be managed.