The Implication of the New Policy on Nursing

As part of the study, this paper will discuss the nature and purpose of the reformation, the goal of reformation, the goal of different health-related policies, the policy-making process and its link, as well as the impact of the new policy on public health. On the part of the nurses, this study will discuss the implication of the new policy on nursing, how it could affect multi-agency teamwork and the nursing contribution to public health.
Implementation of the new reform gives importance to community health and social care services that will meet the future demographic challenges such as: health prevention, empowering the people over the access of health care services, improve community care service and lessen inequalities of services, support the long-term health care needs of the people, help maintain a good health and avoid disease and poor health among the local citizens. (NHS, 2006a. p. 7 – 8. NHS, 2006a. Ch. 1, p. 16)
The purpose of this new reform is to align the whole social and health care system in accordance with the present needs of our society. (NHS, 2006a. Ch. 1, p. 16) Department of Health (DOH) believes that enabling our people to have strong control over their own health and care is more effective in terms of uplifting their own health and ‘well-being’. (NHS, 2006a. Ch. 1, p. 13)
The British government together with the DOH has decided that the best way to rapid and more convenient access to high-quality and cost-effective care is feasible by improving the community health care system. Aiming to solve the inequalities in the delivery of health care, the new reform will promote fair treatment and respect to all people will be observed.&nbsp.In developing a policy, it is important to consider the major concerns of the public with regard to the existing health care system.