The Importance of Education

So second thing to look for is the fee structure and the scholarship facilities, not every student can pay high fees that mostly good universities ask for so they apply for scholarships which are mostly need based or on high academic records of the students. So a mediocre student who is not financially stable and does not have a sound academic record can not avail the facility of studying at high reputed universities (Runciman, 2009). Then what is left is the infrastructure of a university if that is well formed and is feasible for a student to adapt. So a university should then be evaluated on the basis of the facilities it is providing to the students such as transport, building and communication system among the management and the students. Location of a university also matters a lot while deciding because mostly students prefer the universities in their home town or nearby location to avoid the cultural shock, cost of living, daily life facilities such as nearby shopping stores, bank and the accommodation issues which can be a great nuisance for students (McChesney, 1999). Some students also opt for the universities abroad again they have to go through all the above process of evaluation for selection one of the thousands of universities (Kaplan, 2003). Advertisements of these universities play a vital role as they create awareness among the students in other countries of their existence and the facilities they provide so that students do not have much problem researching about these universities, their repute, fee structure, infra structure and scholarship facilities (Johnson, 1978). After evaluating all the factors mentioned above a student may choose the university that is highest on the feasibility… As the paper declaresmostly students from their very early student life choose a field of interest and from there the process of university selection starts and when it is about time they have sorted out which university is best for them but still there are students who have a pool of choices around them and it is really hard for them to pick just one. So they start evaluating among the pool of universities on the basis of their infra structure, popularity, fee structure, scholarship facilities, location and advertisement.This essay stresses that availability of accommodation and the employability of an institute remain to be the most important factors which help students in decision making. All of the students study hard to reach Master’s programme level and they definitely want to get a surety about future employment and that is why this information plays a vital role in decision making. In reply to the third question that if the students know that Nottingham Trent University (NTU) offers scholarships or not, the respondents have said that majority of them know about the scholarship offered by NTU before entering the university. 23 out of 30 claimed that they knew about the scholarship offering by NTU. 7 participants said they did not know about it.When the 30 participants were asked about the ranking of universities, a clear majority of them agreed that they would like to go to better ranked universities.