The Importance of Human Resource Management in the Management Strategic

This essay stresses that HRM role is the provision of assistance in HRM issues to line employees, or those directly involved in producing the organization’s goods and services.” In order to achieve the goals of an organization the services of human resources should be acquired and their skills have to be developed by motivating them to achieve higher levels in their performance and assure their continuous services along with commitment to their jobs.
This paper declares that HRM is “the strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that leveraging people’s capabilities is critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage. This is achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programs and practices.” HRM is the basic function of all management actions and it has developed from different chains of ideas. Thus HRM function can be divided into. body of management functions and approaches adopted in order to execute the different management activities. When the employees of an organization are used effectively the company stands to gain in meeting its objectives advantageously. Every employee has to be motivated and encouraged in order to get the best out of him/her. Training imparted by the organization to its skilled personnel or unskilled workers should be of high standards, so that management can get the best from each employee.