The importance of Liberty

In 2004, Russell Hardin published an article named ‘Civil Liberties in the Era of Mass Terrorism’ where he highlighted that the modern era is completely different from the earlier historic period. During the pre-historic period, several kingdoms’ had implemented plenty of unethical conduct and anarchy such as slavery. On the contrary, in recent times, democracy has been used by a governmental authority as an illusion of freedom. I have observed that many countries have used liberty as a powerful instrument to manipulate people and experience benefits in a political system. According to perceived comprehension, I have noticed that during the 18th and 19th centuries most of the liberal thinkers had brought the idea of liberty in order to reform the autocracy and monarch and also tried to free individuals from tyranny, which has been seen over many years. This concept can be referred to as self-government.
Alan Brinkley, University Provost at Columbia University claimed that civil liberties cannot be regarded as a gift delivered by the state which can be withdrawn by state during the time of inconvenient.
According to my opinion, every individual should have the right to liberty rather it can be stated that it is necessary for every individual. Liberty is the power through which individuals’ capabilities to think, choose along their values can be developed. In keeping with my opinion, liberty is important to me because it can be asserted as the key strength of humankind.