The Importance of Marketing in the TwentyFirst Century

Marketing also targets they need specific to the product or service’s specialty, and sometimes, even creates the consumer or industry need for the product or service, why you need it and why you want it. But to be able to do this, marketing involves a lot of planning, product researches from research and development, actual market research, consumer and industry interviews, competition research and more. With all the data gathered in these particular aspects, an effective marketing plan can be structured as well as its strategic approach to the market.

The Coca-Cola USA Company became a world-renowned company because of its main product, Coke. This company has a classic history of rising to the top. The Coca-Cola Company was first established as an incorporation in the year of 1888. This was also the year that the product Coke was sold to the market under Coca-cola Company USA. It was never thought of at that time that this experimental soda would turn out to be the world’s oldest known brand of soda. The marketing team of the Coca-Cola Company USA was responsible for making Coke what it is today.

There are a lot of ways to market a specific brand, may it be on consumer products or services. But the real deal on marketing a specific product or service would depend on its market approach and how you promote its brand image.

Marketing could be an individual department or sometimes is incorporated with the sales department in some private organizations. But one of the main objectives of the marketing department is to work closely with the sales department on obtaining each division or department’s goal. The sales department will only be effective if they can generate income in terms of revenue in sales. On the other hand, the marketing division can only be effective if they gain long term profit in a specific approach or project for brand exposure and public awareness (LaPointe 2005).

During the early years of the Coca-Cola Company, market competition in terms of sales and preference wasn’t&nbsp.that difficult at all, business-wise and revenue-wise. There was a competitor who came a year after who also made a name in the market.&nbsp.