The Importance of the 1957 Rome Treaty

Because the European Union became real after the Treaty of Rome was signed, the specific Treaty is regarded as having fundamental importance for the development of all the countries that participate in the European Union. From another point of view, Fischer (2000, 37) noticed that EU is a legitimate customs union, with minimal internal barriers and a common external tariff. it is not uncommon for it to use standards or subsidies to protect or aid its own products and to exclude foreign products’. In other words, the main characteristic of the European Union is its integrity which can be translated as a common effort for financial, technological, legal and social development. Of course, there are cases where the power of the European Union is tested (e.g. when voting for the Constitution of Europe in 2005 French denied to grant their approval, as a result, the Constitution was not applied – at least for now). More specifically, in accordance with an article published on 30 May 2005 ‘almost 55% of people voted No, with 45% in favor. Turnout was high, at about 70%. the vote could deal a fatal blow to the EU constitution, which needs to be ratified by all 25 member states’ (BBC, 30 May 2005). It is clear from the above that the unity of the European Union has not the strength claimed by the governments of the member states.However, the existence of the European Union is significant mostly for the financial development of its members. This development is achieved through a series of commercial and trade agreements applied within the European Union and related to member states solely.