The Importance of the Employees Perception of Job Satisfaction

Benchmarks for evaluation of success can be defined by an organisational increase in retention of employees compared to past trends in the facility, with an increase in employee engagement of facility compared to past trends. The recommendation is to focus on the team and individual development to ensure that employees become fully engaged within their function and as team members.
Therefore, by triangulating interviews and surveys from employee and management staff based on motivation, engagement, rewards and recognition, this, research will be able to identify weaknesses in the call centre with the ultimate purpose of making recommendations to improve job tenure.
The employee’s perception of job satisfaction, motivation and staff turnover will allow for evidence to suggest and identify the correlation between key points in managing employees to develop a continuous, stabilised workforce for Company A. This will lend to an affirmation on the importance of employee motivation in job satisfaction and a stronger understanding of ways in which motivation can lower employee turnover. Lowering employee turnover will, in turn, lower costs in training and development.
The focus of the research based on the previous literature review and empirical evidence from Company A is to describe employee perceptions and managerial behaviours in relation to employee retention. …
Employee retention is a valid objective of any company, as the literature has shown. This is also relative to understanding the correlation between job satisfaction and staff turnover. These are strongly influenced by employee motivation and job satisfaction.&nbsp.