The integration of supply chain activities in an organisation always has a significant impact on the bottomline performance of a manufacturing organization

In today’s business climate, adaptability and agility are primary due to the ever-changing strategies that are always aimed to attract potential customers to significantly increase the profitability of an organization. For an integrated supply chain to be termed as of quality, it must be open to functional shift ability (Delfmann, 2007).Functional shift ability in this case describes the process of assigning functional responsibility to members of the supply chain best positioned to perform those functions at the lowest overall cost or in the shortest period of time (Wisner et al, 2009). One of the renowned international Companies known to follow this strategy is the Coca Cola Company that is known for its tremendous wide array of soft drinks. The purpose of this paper is to provide insightful information about the imperativeness of effective supply chain management in terms of performance enhancement and optimal utilization of resources (Jacoby, 2010). The information is to facilitate decision-making in various institutions pertaining to the integration of supply chain management including Coca Coal Company that is adopted in this study. The concept holds the capacity to enhance the competitiveness of companies in diverse sectors through effective streamlining of production processes that enables companies to produce unmatched products in terms of quality.A supply chain is an integrated process where a number of various business entities such as the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers work together in an effort to acquire raw materials, convert the raw materials into specified final product and deliver the final products to retailer (Ray, 2003). An efficient supply chain management is designed specifically to meet customer’s demands as well as satisfying the customer as practiced by Coca Coal Company. Giannoccaro (2013) indicates that supply chain is characterized by the flow of products, information and