The International HR Managers for MNCs and Their Strategies

The ethnocentric orientation is oriented towards home where the manager seeks to maintain is ways of doing business back home. The ideas are transferred from the headquarters to the host countries which need to comply with these standards. Information obtained online posits that the main advantage is that positions will be occupied by qualified nationals and that it creates a unified organizational culture whereas it helps to transfer co-competencies to the other companies in developing countries. On the other hand, the polycentric orientation is concerned with the host country where the idea is that one size fits all. Any person given the autonomy can as well successfully manage the organisation and this leads to broader organisational culture and is the most popular strategy employed by MNCs. American MNCs operating in China are slowly moving away from using their culture. The geocentric orientation is oriented towards the whole world. Most MNCs adopt one or all of the Perlmutter’s orientations in their global operations. Knowledge management and induction posit to the effect that organisations should run on the basis of knowledge management than employees doing the work using their hands. Knowledge management is a virtue in the running of an organisation. Operating in an international market, MNCs are faced with the challenges of imparting knowledge to their employees across the globe. The employees must be equipped with the knowledge or given the opportunity to acquire the much-needed skills to perform various tasks expected of them.