The Issue of Immigration Illegal Aliens

Considering that Hispanic Americans already comprise 13 percent of the population and have the highest birth rates among all ethnic communities, one can see the complications that would arise in the future if this problem is not suitably addressed (Starr, 2007, p.3). The problem of illegal aliens is compounded by the legal immigrants from Asian and European countries, who initially come to the United States on work permits and later take up authentic citizenship.&nbsp. As opposed to the poorly skilled illegal alien population, the legal immigrant group is very highly skilled making them indisposable for the stable functioning of the economy. At this juncture, the policymakers are asked to consider social and humanitarian aspects of immigration alongside the economic one. This is the thrust for immigration reforms and the debate surrounding it.&nbsp.

Immigration reform is the common term used in political discussions regarding changes to immigration policy. In a certain sense, reform discussions can be general enough to include promoted, expanded, or open immigration as well as the aspect of reducing or eliminating immigration altogether. In that sense, reform typically refers to a wide spectrum of viewpoints which may include anti-immigration and immigration reduction. However, the term is also widely used to describe proposals to increase legal immigration while decreasing illegal immigration. Usually, the liberal sections of the American polity take a compassionate and sympathetic view of the illegal aliens. The conservatives, on the other hand, give importance to issues of national security, drug smuggling and economic costs associated with it (Leiken, 2002, p.87). Both sides have valid arguments to make in support of their positions. For example, the conservatives are right in that illegal immigration affects our economy, our homeland security and the core infrastructures of our country. Our homeland security is threatened by illegal immigration in the following ways. gun smuggling, illegal crossings, convicted Mexican fugitives fleeing to the U.S.