The Job of the Range Controller Analysis

The controller is responsible for the safety of all civilian contractors, DOA civilians, and all military personnel working within the training areas. This position requires a multi-tasking oriented individual who is able to handle and defuse tense and possibly life-threatening situations with little or no guidance.The job is complex, varied, and requires a specific set of skills and knowledge-base in the person. The job was analyzed through the process of personal observation, and interview of the Ft Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center’s Supervisory Range Specialist. (enclosed in Appendix A). As the supervisor is the person who sets the schedules and work standards, as well as reviews the Range Controller’s work for compliance with instruction, accuracy, and adequacy of utilization maps and reports, etc.The above procedure was utilized carefully to arrive at a suitable job description and job specifications. Tapping into the mind of the supervisor revealed the intricacies of the job as the Range Controller was viewed as the conduit for getting the work done on the ground by the supervisor – hence the supervisor’s acute and sharp requirements for this post provided valuable inputs for the job analysis.Secondly, by observation of the present requirements of the useful reports to be generated on the range and terrain utilization, the need to coordinate the activities of the ranges, the management and allocation of the airspace, and the mandatory safety procedures required, a basic framework for the said job was easily developed.The job of the Range Controller involves performing a variety of tasks including control, co-ordination, and optimum utilization of the ranges. terrain and the training facilities of the Fort Polk range and Training Areas complex. The above are used towards live-fire exercise and non-fire exercise, as well as for recreation, and the onus of their smooth management lies on the controller.