The Knowledge of Gods Power and Wisdom in the Contemporary World



Contrary to the verse’s context that only God, His angels and specific personalities on whom the knowledge of God’s divinity, power, and wisdom has been bestowed should be witnesses to this message, there have emerged communities of false teachers who mislead the faithful on the knowledge about God. One of the reasons for their false teachings could be lack of divine conviction to testify God’s words, in truth, and from revelations. The verse is also significant and relevant to our time that has many cults. The cults offer contrary teachings to the verse’s provisions and may mislead people and convert them to wrong faiths. Creating awareness of the verse will however strengthen people’s faith against the cult’s teachings. Contemporary problems that face people in trials and tribulations may also weaken a person’s faith and lead to doubts that God is not as powerful as He is thought to be. The verse, within this context, encourages people that God remains to be the only god, and he is still powerful regardless of what people experience in the contemporary world.&nbsp.