The Learning Styles

I have an experience of working with adult learners when the CEO of a printing unit near my home requested my services for improving the communication abilities of their production workers. This unit was consisting of around 100 printing workers from different countries. Because of the diversity in the workforce, this unit faced so many troubles ineffective communication which affected their growth prospects immensely. Even though the workers were skilled ones, lack of understanding between them resulted in a lack of coordination and subsequent production problems. The company CEO asked me to give the entire production staff week-long training with respect to effective communication in a multicultural environment. The training session was arranged after the regular schedule of the works and lasted for two hours continuously for a week. This paper is written as a case study based on the experiences I received from adult learners of the week-long training class I have taken for around 100 production workers from different countries.
CAEL, (n. d) has mentioned that adult students have unique needs like Academic and motivational advising supportive of their life and career goals and Recognition of previously obtained experience- and work-based learning (CAEL, n. d., p. iv).
Most of the workers who attended the training were keen on seeking advice from me for their career goals. Unlike normal students, adults showed no hesitancy in clearing their doubts. But most of their doubts were related to their career goals. They were eager to know about the possibilities of building a successful career with the help of improved communication abilities. Another important factor that attracted me was their enthusiasm for incorporating their past work-based knowledge to the topics which I explained in the class. For example, when I explained that information communicated through nonverbal means is more than verbal means, most of them agreed with it. Some of them&nbsp.even pointed out how well they were communicating with co-workers from different countries using the nonverbal means.&nbsp.