The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara A &amp

P by John Updike and Ernest Hemmingways Hills Like White Elephants61500 Their statements are expressive and the message is not outright, the mind of the audience is fully engaged as they read. otherwise, it may be difficult to comprehend what the authors are up to if the reader lacks a keen focus. ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ presents a Spanish story of American and his girlfriend. The characters are in a train station waiting for a train, they are seated outside waiting for a train with an intention of ending to Madrid. American orders two bottles of beer and begins taking them as they engage in a conversation. she mentions to him that the hills they can see look like white elephants. He is categorical that he has never seen white elephants. He goes on to reprimand her to have fun together while they continue consuming their beer, she retorts that she has been having fun. In a turn of events, she mentions that the hills she had seen do not look like white elephants as she had seen earlier. The man asks about Jig having an operation but she is concerned about the consequences thereof. In persuasion, American says that he has ever encountered several who had done the operation and retained their normal life. They seemed to agree but the American was persistent that it was her free will to either consider the operation or not. The bartender notifies them that the train would be coming in five minutes time, they start moving their belongings in readiness to catching up the train. A different plot is seen in the story, The Lesson. A young elite woman by the name of Miss Moore takes children from her neighborhood of Harlem to the upper-class town of FAO Schwartz in Manhattan where they learn several things. The story is a first-person narrative that is told by one of the beneficiaries of the trip, a young black girl called Sylvia. Sylvia begins her narration with a description of the events preceding the trip, during the trip and the exposes her attitude towards the trip. The attitude that Sylvia and her colleagues demonstrate is that of lack of appreciation Miss Moore’s intention, she mockingly says ‘And she was always planning these boring-ass things for us to do’. The explorative trip takes the children by surprise. they seem not to understand the basis of the expensive items they find in FAO Schwartz while they were clueless on the use of some of the items. Other children who had accompanied Miss Moore include Sugar, Rosie Giraffe, Junebug, Flyboy, and Big Butt among others. The story by John Updike presents a different view from the other to stories. The story is centered on Sammy, his manager, and three ladies. Sammy, the narrator was busy preparing items in the grocery when three girls in bathing suits get into the store, they draw his attention and he is completely distracted (Updike 3). He is mainly attracted to one of the girls who look like she is the one in charge of the others. he calls her ‘Queenie’. The other shoppers are also drawn to the girls, an aspect that pleases Sammy. The girls walk briskly to the store found what they wanted and ended in the direction of the narrator’s checkout line. The manager of the store, Lengel is infuriated by the girls and confronts them. When the girls had left Lengel asked Sammy to ring them up but he tells his boss that he is quitting. Lengel tells him of how life will be if he dares to quit, Sammy moves out and Lengel takes his position.