The Los Angeles Art Scene

Galleries open here and there, and museums feature exhibits that are not to be missed. Yet that visit to a community garden opened me to a whole new world of the art scene. Of course the Museum of Contemporary Art, the L.A. County Art Museum, and the Getty Center house several of the best pieces of art in the world. But ever since a community garden opened my eye to something new about art, I have been keener to observe those Chinatown galleries that feature up-and-coming artists that house a more “homely” type of art. I have been more appreciative of the unpretentious airs in several of these galleries like Kathryn Brennan’s, Tom Solomon, and China Art Objects. What that little community garden did to my art perspective was huge. Since then, I never have to look far to see art in my surroundings. I can see it in simple places and things. In the community garden, I never thought the day would come where I would be looking at garden plots as works of art. Yes, they may not be technically pieces of art, but works of art they are. There is no such thing as being too radical or being too conventional in the art. Now I know there are no rules. Art is when it moves you even when you do not know why.
Aside from being appreciative of art, I also love books. What moved me the most in the Getty Center is its collection of books within the Getty Research Institute and the vast collection of pictures of different architectures. Additionally, I also find it fascinating to stare at the illuminated manuscripts and glimmering decorative arts and furniture. I agree with Natalie that the museum’s programs and activities for kids and families are a joy to behold. I visited the place a few times, and I must state that for adults who do not have any kids in tow, it is worthwhile to catch the nighttime view of the place.