The Main Functions of the Police and How Effective Has the Service Been in Fulfilling Them

The research has pinpointed the fact that the role of a police officer is huge –multi-faceted as their main purpose is to help the citizens of the community, and at times this requires different roles for them to fill.&nbsp. However, this literature details that their role of maintaining order and keeping social control is emphasized the most and is shown to be consistent with what the majority of the public expects from the police force. The conclusion of this research detailed that without law enforcement there would be many unfavorable consequences for those in British society. The role of the police officer is concluded as being one of the most essential and crucial in a societal atmosphere within the country of Britain.

From a historical perspective and dating back to 1962, the role of 1British police officers has been that of a city, and peacekeeping community official more so than anything else. The police are in the communities for a number of reasons and their purposes are so numerous that there really is no way to define just one of their roles. It is best known that the police have developed a well-meaning and defined relationship with the generalized public due to the fact that they are always readily available to assist when needed, even if it is for a minute reason. Furthermore, from a political standpoint, foreigners who have had the opportunity to visit the country of Britain have commented on the quality of the police force as well, making note that they provide some of the most proficient and high-quality services in maintaining social control throughout the world. Although the British police force is not unique in their ability to maintain social order, they have been found to be one of the main legal forces that have developed and expanded throughout the decades. The main differences in Britain’s policing system in comparison to other countries are the fact that their legal remedies stem from common law practices that have been passed down through history.