The Major British Petroleum Activities Its Sustainable Policies and Future Projects

Great Britain, being a place of BP’s corporate headquarters, is a centre for trading, legal, financial and other mainstream business operations (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). Mapping the business activity of BP geographically, it has been summarized that exploration and production activity: in Africa is mainly focused on Egypt, Angola and Algeria. in Asia – Indonesia, China, Pakistan and Vietnam. in Australasia – Australia. also in Columbia and Venezuela (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). In China, BP holds a leadership position in Liquefied Natural Gas and in India, the BP Solar has a manufacturing plant. Additionally, major retail operations on oil products and lubricants take place in these two Asian countries (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). In Russia, BP has a joint venture through its 50% ownership of TNK-BP. In the United States, the British Petroleum group is considered to be both one of the largest gas and oil producer and one of the largest gasoline retailers (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). In Canada, a company’s activities are focused on the natural gas production and derivatives. in Trinidad and Tobago, BP is a major local producer (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.).
The company’s primary business is comprised of few basic procedures: finding, extracting and moving natural oil and gas. making fuels and products, selling these fuels and products. and generating low carbon energy (British Petroleum, What We Do, n.d.).
To find oil and gas under the earth’s surface, the British Petroleum Company uses sophisticated technologies and applies tried-and-true techniques (British Petroleum, n.d.). Before putting a drill to the seabed or soil, the BP uses different tools, including typographical maps, sound waves, aerial photography, 3D projections and others. The appliance of these tools enables BP&nbsp.explorers to form an educated guess about the shape, size and consistency of the natural gas or oil that lies underneath (British Petroleum, n.d.).&nbsp.