The Most Significant Engineering Achievements

Three hundred years is too long a time duration to choose the feats of engineering from, yet some accomplishments stand quite distinct amongst others…some of them include the International Space Station, C.E.R.N.s Large Hadron Collider, Palm Deira of Dubai, the Bird’s Nest in the Heart of Beijing, the Eurotunnel, Pan STARRS-1 and what not? But to seek three of the ‘most’ significant engineering achievements we must not only consider their impossibility of construction/achievement but also the effectiveness, utility and their role in the development and advancement of other future innovations.&nbsp.

The first most significant Engineering Achievement out of the three would be ‘Electrification’ – the modification of a system so that it operates using electricity. The term basically refers to the system established for the distribution, advancement, and utility of electricity. Thomas Edison was the first one to establish a commercial power plant in 1882. After that, the system for distribution of electricity progressed and numerous companies invested in the proper production and circulation of electricity. Transportation of electricity from a power plant (usually located in remote areas) to such a large number of consumers either concentrated into huge populations in cities or wide-spread over rural areas was, still is and would always remain to be the most remarkable feat of engineering and what we see around us. a perfect system of machines generating, regulating and then transporting the Electricity, wasn’t always there. High output power plants are now present after years of advancement, better wiring with enhanced electrical conductivity and better insulations and even the means of transportation of&nbsp.electricity have changed. cables are not only carried by poles on the surface of the Earth but also underground cabling and wires capable of conveying the electrical potential underwater are being used.&nbsp.