The National Consideration Foreign Direct Investment Scenario in the US

The production is protected by several patents particularly for the shell material and the design. The product has been launched in the country and has attracted many supporters and buyers. This great success makes opening up and launching the product in a foreign company a viable step. We will, therefore, analyze the possibility of launching the product in the US market: given its national consideration, the particular foreign direct investment strategy to be employed, the theories and concepts pertaining to the organizational structure and plans identified, the strengths and the strategies of the company in responding to the issues, the alternatives or options that the company has and identify the best way that the organization can respond to the challenges of foreign markets. Finally, we give appropriate recommendations to the CEO of the company in relation to the business.

The organization is an Australian manufacturer of surf ski and other life-saving surf equipment. The company has been around for several years already and has a reputation for good R &amp. D. The company has pioneered some innovations in surf ski manufacturing such as the latest one which outperforms the others but produced at a lower cost. It also produces other surfing products such as racing skis and rescue boards. The company has recently launched the newest surf ski product in Australia. It garnered tremendous success so that it is now thinking of entering foreign markets such as the United States of America. The USA has some surfing capitals such as California, Miami, and Hawaii. Based on the large population and the increasing enthusiasm of Americans for water sports, the company is serious in studying its potential for the USA market.

It is established that a foreign country to be entered into the USA. The country has several hot spots for surf skiing such as California and Hawaii. It also has established surf ski organizations and competitions such as the US Surfski Championship, the Molokai Challenge in Hawaii, the Essex River Race and the Mystic River Race &nbsp.( will, therefore, report the national considerations in entering a foreign market such as the USA and the possible foreign direct investments to be espoused by the company. This leads us to different alternatives to be discussed in detail and leads us into conclusions and recommendations.