The New Planet

As the research highlights&nbsp.the humanoids seem to be in the advanced stages of their development and are characterized the means of their sustenance. Their modes of production, seems to be guided by the materialism and they seem to consciously promote material activities that would help to overcome the emerging new requirements of the increasing population.&nbsp.
This paper discusses that the most important feature that characterizes humanoids is their specific identity within a well defined societal framework. Although primary social identity of a male humanoid is gender specific and is followed by a distinct name by which he is addressed in the world, he is often bestowed with multiple social identities, some of which may acquire more forceful and intimidating perspective under certain given circumstances. The social identity seems to provide them with a distinct attribute and facilitates establishment of social status that physically represents him. Social identity of humanoids are not only vital representation of his self but it is also medium that significantly contributes to a knowledge base that others can instantly access to have a general idea of their orientation towards conflicts and other relevant issues.&nbsp.The humanoids have also a well defined division of labor that is dependent on the predefined constraints of the material conditions that determine the productions.&nbsp.Marx’s report has been most emphatic on the visible ‘culture’.