The New Policy Mix Alcohol and Harm Minimization

This study has also emphasized on the fact that apart from the negative aspects of drinking behaviors among the youth mass, there are also positive attributes related to the drinking behavior of the youth generation. Drinking culture has been developed over time and it has increased the number of social interactions between the friends and other peer groups within the social environment. The extent of drinking behavior is observed more in urban areas as compared to the rural areas.
Research methods form the basis for conducting the research study. Different methods have been used for analyzing the case. These methods are considered as the framework for analyzing the case. The two research methods that are used in this study are quantitative and qualitative methods.
In this paper, the researchers have focused on analyzing the topic of local variations in youth drinking cultures. It has been observed that the young people in the age group between 15 – 24 years spent their leisure time drinking. This study is focused on analyzing various factors that influence the young generation to consume alcohol. The role and the attitude of the parents are also taken into consideration for analyzing the case. The entire study is based on the behavior of the young generation towards drinking.&nbsp.