The Next Christians

The Next Christians Introduction The Christian faith is undergoing an immense transformation in what Gabe Lyons defines as the Reformation era. Gabe Lyons in the book The Next Christians elaborates on the dynamic changes that continue to occur in the Christian establishment. The emerging issues in Christianity are the major drivers that are changing the fundamental principles of the faith. Lyons intimate that there has to be a strategic response to deal with the issues that are manifest in Christianity in the modern dispensation. The occurrences are unique and demand that all the people that confess the faith participate in the change process. Lyons main argument is that the reason there is immense turmoil in the church today is because the younger generations are restoring faith back to the establishment.
Christians are perceived to be hypocritical, homophobic, judgmental and too political among other negative tendencies (Lyon 4). While the church is losing its status as the moral standard in the society, the other outfits such as atheism and the media are succeeding in indoctrinating the society with liberal principles that have no foundation in Christianity. Cultural norms and scientific fundamentals have taken the place of Christianity because of the inconsistencies manifest in the body of Christ. The younger people have become reluctant in participating in the faith because of the negative issues associated with the . Lyon intimates that faith has become a parody (Lyon, 30).
Lyon puts into perspective the splinter groups that are manifest in Christianity. The two groups are the cultural and separatist Christians. The separatists are subdivided into evangelists, insiders and cultural warriors. The separatists are not involved in any activities and opt to take a back seat. However, they seek creative alternatives that can ensure that they make an impact. The cultural Christians are obsessed with relativity and always want to conform to their environment. Lyons most intrinsic submission is in the emergence of restorers in the Church. Lyon (47) intimates that the emerging generation of Christians openly expresses their love to God, are humble and hopeful. The mission of the restorers is to promote key values such as justice, beauty, love, and grace. This generation has an account of the Bible and are compelled to pursue holiness and participate in the transformation of the world. Chapter seven is an intrinsic component of the book because it talks about the influence of the cultural channels in the society. Lyon submits that the reformation of the Christian faith can be propagated by using the model employed by the gay rights movement.
Gabe Lyon plays an influential role in mobilizing Christians as a consequence of propagating the good tenets in the society. Lyon is a respected voice in the modern dispensation in so far as transforming the minds and perceptions of the younger generations is concerned. Consequently, Lyon seeks to ensure that the Christian faith lives up to its expectation by promoting the Godly norms in diverse societies. Gabe Lyon is within his mandate to explore the topics in The Next Christians because of the desire and motivation to transform the Christian faith through the younger generation.
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